Gravestones – Speak About the Heritage of the Past

Graves were built to commemorate the deceased person and to hold the corresponding memorials. The name of the person who passed away and his birth data are usually marked on the tombstones. That in addition to the names of close relatives who die after the death of the first person, they are gradually added to it. Thus, they are a record spreading the history of the whole family for decades. These stones are considered a symbol of the wealth or pride of the family, and therefore due attention and importance are given during their construction. The tombstone is usually carved from stones from different materials. From the gravestone marker, you can discern the wealth of a deceased family or person.

The tombstone is the emblem of funeral art and is the lid for the underlying coffin. It exists as a stone slab, which is built over a grave. In the old days, the grave also includes afoot for decorating the foot of the coffin. The feet contain the name of the deceased and the date of death. Currently, in many cemeteries, the placement of the foot is fading, and it certainly includes only the tombstone and marker, which is located on the grave. The carving of the tombstone itself is like art. Not that it reveals the pride and wealth of the family that is buried in it; it also depicts the tradition of funeral art that is imprinted on it. In many churchyards, they often remove scabs to keep the place clean and to remove the grass surrounding it.

Some rich people in the Christian community build their tombstones, even when they are alive. They do this to reveal their status, and also consider it a matter of pride. In some cases, monuments with grandiose monuments and gravestones are erected in churches. If some people do not have a grave to mark, the Crematoriums assist in the form of giving a commemorative inscription well within the cemetery itself. Often crematoria adhere to specific rules of conduct to create gravestones in specific standards and sizes. This is more common in the conservative sphere, where people tend to follow certain traditions and belief systems.

Tombstones are made of materials such as granite, marble and sandstone. They are built and installed by monumental masons who are professionals in handling them. Modern headstone carving techniques use computer-controlled machines, adding unique artwork to carve the stone.